Friday, April 17, 2009

It's a

ETA: 3D pics from the perinatologist


And everything is perfect heart wise! The echogenic foci will not cause any problems if it doesn't resolve itself by birth.

Our gorgeous girl looking so much like her sister.

20 weeks

Half way there! I can't believe it!!

Yesterday was the BIG ultrasound... you know the one where they tell you the gender of the baby, if you want to know (YES PLEASE!), plus take a whole lot of measurements. Well, Baby C was being completely stubborn (wonder what parent he/she got that from? oh, both of them. ok!) and the sonographer couldn't get a look at parts or the lack of them.

I jokingly told the doctor that he needed to order another sonogram so we could find out. Turns out, there's an echogenic foci on the baby's heart. My wonderful OB isn't too concerned...said that they find this on a semi-regular basis and just wants me to have a level 2 sonogram with a perinatalogist. My appointment is today at 1:30.

After doing some research, I'm not too worried about this. The echogenic foci use to be (mid-90's) a soft marker for Downs. Currently, it's not considered a marker at all and my quad screen came back completely normal (no elevated levels for Downs, etc...).

However, I think when there's anything questionable on an ultrasound/prenatal test, your Momma Brain automatically goes into overdrive.... and it doesn't help that I read blogs that are stories of medical issues in babies, like Stellan, April, Harper, etc...

One thing I do know is God is definitely using this pregnancy to make me lean on Him and grow in my faith.

I would love your prayers/good thoughts... that everything is totally fine AND that Baby will show the goods, so this momma can start planning and decorating!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

18 month pics

These are just scanned in. I LOVE how they capture P at this age. Everything is just AMAZING!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Shopping Makes a Girl Feel Better!

LC and I did a little shopping this weekend. I found a few things to make me feel a little cuter...
This hoodie and capri set is so comfy! I wish they had it in other colors!!
So cute (even cuter in person!) and so comfortable... they have memory foam!!
E and I have been looking for gold espadrilles for a while. I decided to bite the bullet and get these Michael Kors.

Easter Sunday

The Easter Bunny visited our house Sunday before church! Miss Priss got a new Elmo DVD, Color Wonder paper, a Peter Rabbit coloring book, an Elmo Egg, sidewalk chalk, and a new bikini. We had to hide the Smarties, M&M's, and other assorted candy.

Waiting for Momma to finish getting ready so we could leave for church. She loves playing on the stairs and swinging the gate, all while waving and saying bye bye.

Easter Egg Dying

We did our first potentially disastrous, messy project on Saturday night.... and it turned out great! Aside from a yellow dyed dish towel and some blue fingers on a little girl, it was wonderful!

Helping Daddy punch out the holes for the eggs

Watching the magic happen

'I think I'll do it myself'.. she loved moving the egg holder stick from color to color

Momma's masterpiece

What? Pictures of Momma and Payton together???!!! (please ignore my photoshop job of a tank top... apparently the one I was wearing showed a little too much while bending over)

Busy Week!

I know y'all are dying to see pictures of Miss P in all her Easter finery, well YaYa and Nonnie are, but that post will have to wait until I have time to upload the 5 zillion pictures... hopefully during nap time. There's a few really cute ones of us dying Easter eggs, but I need to blur some of my pregnancy induced cleavage out.

But until that cuteness is posted, here's a run down of our week ahead. Keep in mind that my wonderful husband also volunteered me to embroider 80 koozies for the 6th annual Barkley Boil by Saturday afternoon. And that P isn't in Mom's Day Out 2 days a week based on her pediatrician wanting to get her immune system completely healthy.

Monday - Kappa meeting in Denton at 6:30. Leave the house no later than 5:45.
Tuesday - LC has a business dinner so it's solo parenting all day, read: embroidering only during nap time and after P goes down for the night.
Wednesday - P has a follow up ENT appointment at 8:50. I have my first prenatal yoga class at 6:30.
Thursday - BIG ultrasound at 9:30!!!
Friday - story time at the library?
Saturday - I would love to go to the little gathering my friend Tammi is having at 11. Barkley Boil officially starts at 3, but we get there early to help with set up, food prep.

Ok - P just woke up! Time to start our day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Fabulous Giveaway!!

I need this from Bergdorf Blondes! One cheek (on my face) is so dry this pregnancy... no matter how much I exfoliate or moisturize. Maybe this would take care of the problem, but it'd be fabulous to not have to spend $195 on the Clarisonic brush system.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Fashion Show

Payton's Easter dress - Baby Gap If the weather turns cold, she has a pale pink cardigan to wear over her dress.

I'm sure LC will be sporting his "uniform" of an Adidas Climacool golf shirt and khaki pants.

And I will be recycling this Motherhood dress (I was 19 weeks pregnant with P in the pic and so excited to have a bump that I had to show it off!)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kappa Easter Egg Hunt!

Last night Miss Priss and I headed to Denton for the 5th annual Kappa Easter Egg Hunt. A few years ago they added a petting zoo and it was a hit with all the kiddos... except Hunter ;)

Giving all her food to the guinea pigs and wanting them to DO something!
They were too busy sleeping, so she scooped the food back up to try again.

Ok, if you're not going to eat, then I'll just pet you.
Chasing down a rabbit that didn't want to be caught.
Admiring the chicks and ducklings
Oooooooh! Ducks! (This is a favorite face for P to make)
Egg hunt time!

Hunter and Payton.... not wanting to look at me or each other!

My how times have changed. It's been almost 10! years since I met these girls! Instead of Kappa meetings, events, and RBar, it's marriage, diapers, and breast feeding.

Parra with Hayzen - 5 months, Carole (23 weeks pg) with Hunter - 2 yrs, me (19 weeks pg) with Payton - 18 months, Erin with Tatum - 2 weeks! and Nolan - 2 years

Gorgeous Giveaway

The lovely Miss Buford Betty is a new Style Partner for Javis Davis, an incredible create-your-own nursery company. Click here to enter the fantastic pillow and blankey she's giving away even though I really need it, since NOTHING. AT. ALL has been purchased for Baby C #2!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009


LC and P were being super silly last night. I have no idea who started what, but it had us laughing most of the evening.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big Girl

Miss Priss must do everything herself and that includes feeding herself yogurt. Thank goodness for Yoplait Thick n Creamy!