Friday, May 29, 2009

Sleeping Baby

In bed we have a pillow, 2 pippies (blankets), baby (the dark peeking out from under her hand and pippy), and at the foot: tiger, monkey, bear, and penguin.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a difference a week makes

Thanks to Elaine for the super fab blue shirt! Clearly I love it since it's in the belly pics for 2 weeks straight ;)
25 weeks

26 weeks
And for comparison... 2 years ago...26 weeks with Payton

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend Recap

*This is super long and mainly for YaYa, Da, Nonnie and Deeda*

This weekend was beyond crazy... some in a good way, some in a not so good way.

Friday - We had a normal afternoon... Miss Priss and I went to the mall, rode the carousel, ate lunch at Chick-fil-A, walked around for a bit and headed home for a nap. After she woke up, we talked to Auntie Allie. About 6 or 6:30, we headed to the store for a few things I needed for chicken salad. I was having shooting pains in my belly that didn't seem to go away. We got home and I tried to rest as much as possible when there's a 20 month old needing attention.

At this point, I realized I hadn't felt Baby Girl move since I was talking to Allison (about 4:00). I drank a large glass of chocolate milk, but it didn't do the trick to get her moving. Since it had been about 4 hours since I know I felt her move and the pain was still not subsiding, I called in to the doctor. He wanted me to go to L&D for monitoring. By now it was Miss Priss' bedtime, so I put her to bed and waited for LC to get home from the Byron Nelson. Of course this happens while P is sleeping and when my parents are in Maui and the Semi-Homemades are in Oklahoma (so no one to come over and watch P)! Luckily, we were able to get our babysitter to come over to listen for P while we headed up to the hospital.

The nurse immediately found the heartbeat, but I had to stay on the monitors for an hour. They never said what the pains were... just to follow up with my OB at my appointment this week. We left about 12:30 AM with the instructions for me to take it easy, rest, and drink plenty of fluids. This was super easy to do when I was pregnant with P... now, not so much. She doesn't understand why Momma can't pick her up or why all Momma wants to do is sit on the couch!

Saturday - We had a showing at 9 AM so we had breakfast out (one of my favorite things to do!). Then we came home to play, eat lunch, and nap. Miss P thought she didn't need to nap, so LC stayed up with her while I took a long nap! The weather was great and I thought sitting on a patio was just the ticket for dinner. As we pulled in the parking lot to On the Border, the sky darkened. The waitress brought our drinks out as the sky opened up! Our table was under an awning and the umbrella, so we were totally dry. P was happy as a clam, so we stayed on the patio through the rain storm. It was actually quite enjoyable to be the only ones outside!

Sunday - Church in the morning, home for lunch, once again P didn't nap. I made a fantastic banana pudding for the cookout at the Graham's.

P and Nate setting up their lounge chairs

Daddy and P in the pool

She thought it was hilarious to throw the ball in the water!
It was cloudy most of the afternoon and then rained for a bit. We ate on the patio and then set up the octopus sprinkler for the kiddos (so we wouldn't have to get back in the pool with them!) It was a sight to see! All the little girls stripped down to their diapers or panties and were running around squealing.
Except when the water actually touched P.... Not a fan of the cold water from the faucet.
Monday - Trip to Home Depot for mulch. P took a LONG nap (making up for the last 2 days of no nap), so while LC worked on the yard, I got my toes done. We had the Semi-Homemades over for dinner - hamburgers, corn on the cob, watermelon. After dinner, P and R were playing and Miss Priss climbed up on a Rubbermaid container... we're not entirely sure what happened, but we heard a crash and P was laying on the tile floor screaming. I think she fell flat onto her noggin.... a HUGE goose egg popped up immediately and she bit something in her mouth that bled quite a lot. I called the nurse line because the bump was so big and so bruised! She said to give her some Motrin, that it was ok to put her to bed, but to wake her up every 3-4 hours. We ended up keeping her awake until 9, then I got up with her at 1:00 and LC took the 5:00 shift. Talk about getting ready for a newborn! I didn't realize how much I like having uninterrupted sleep!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Chicken Salad!

I'm CRAVING it bad! It's all I can think about! Which is very strange, considering I still can't stand the thought of a grilled or baked chicken breast!

Whether it's the Spoons chicken salad - Chicken Breast with a touch of Garlic, Red Grapes, Celery,Pecans, Pickle Relish and Mayo served with Fresh Fruit or the chicken salad my sister made for my baby shower and P's first birthday, I want it, need it, have to have it! The only problem... I don't have the recipe for either one and I don't want to "test" out a chicken salad recipe.

So Allie, send me the recipe or at least point me in the direction of where to look for it.

And, if you have a great chicken salad recipe, send it my way!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


This morning Elaine and I went to the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash. We were 2 of the first 50 and landed a nice little swag bag!

As we were waiting for it to "open", LC called and asked if I'd like to hear a funny story. Thinking it was something about Miss Priss, I said of course! He'd taken P and Scout to Petsmart to get them both out of the house while it was shown. They made it to see the fish, the cats and were on their way to see the dogs at the pet hotel and a lady stopped LC to tell him Scout was bleeding. A trip to the Petsmart vet and $150 later, Scout has a lampshade and his foot all bandaged up. It seriously never ends with this dog!! I love him, but not what he does to our bank account on a semi-regular basis!

LC's caption to this photo: "This what happens when courtney leaves me in charge on Saturdays!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ister Sister

Listen for P to say sister (ister) and baby (bebe)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be a mom. I can't believe Sunday was my second Mother's Day! It's definitley been the most tiring, frustrating, hardest, and most wonderful job I've ever had. I am so incredibly blessed with this amazing little girl. I'm still in awe of her every single day. I think as long as I continually seek the joy of motherhood in the midst of chaos and frustrating times, I'll continue to be awed every day of her life. I'm so thankful that God chose me to be her Momma. I can't wait to see what the future brings to this journey of motherhood when Baby Girl #2 makes her appearance into our family!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kiss Me!

My sweet little baby is turning into such a sweet big girl! The other night she wanted me to get in the tub with her, and of course, I happily obliged! We were playing in the bubbles and she stopped, looked at me, said "kiss" and gave me the sweetest kiss. She is such an affectionate little girl. She'll crawl up on the couch with me or LC and lay her head down for a quick snuggle or kiss and then she's off and running again.

This is the closest to a kissing picture I can find on my laptop right now... Miss P was 2 weeks old!!!