Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Best Days

Loving this song from Taylor Swift! I hope my girls will have memories like this.

And to my Momma, thank you for all the best days we've spent together. You were my first friend and have always been there no matter what. You encourage me every step of the way and are always on my side. You are truly my best friend! I love you!

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Aya said...

And here I thought "I Hope You Dance" was the best Momma/Daughter song. I hadn't seen this video before and it made me cry when I watched ~ it's the same sentiments I have for you and the Bebe'. Funny that we have some of the exact video's in our own home library...you in my hospital bed with a brand new baby sister, a very young Sissy dancing in circles, riding a horse with Daddy when you were so little you practically did the splits to sit in the saddle, and the two of us singing so loud in the car that our ears hurt! You are well on your way to having these same precious memories with your babies....enjoy every minute. Much love to you my darling girl!